Socially awkward penguin – late to the party

I am normally pretty much the kind of person who likes to look at ur Internet memes. Even when I think they’re stupid, I still like to look at them. So it’s surprising to me that I have been totally unfamiliar with the work of SOCIALLY AWKWARD PENGUIN.

So many of these describe my life, as a devotee to the awkward lifestyle. It’s really uncanny. Awkward handshakes? Yes. Awkward conversations? Yes. Awkward bathroom moments? YES! There is a lady who works in my hallway at work, and she’s the sweetest person. And very chatty! And she likes to talk to you in the bathroom.

While you’re peeing!

And I’m never sure what to do. “Hey! Yes. My weekend was fine. How was yours?” (OH GOD I AM PEEING THIS IS SO AWKWARD!!!!!)

So sometimes when I go into the bathroom to pee and she’s there, I turn back. Which is awkward. Because there aren’t that many good excuses for backing out of a bathroom. Something like “Gosh, is that my phone?” is pretty much it. After that you start to get into insanity.

“I just realized I don’t really have to pee that badly! I’m going to go drink more. BRB.”

Ahhh. Awkward.

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One Response to Socially awkward penguin – late to the party

  1. 12ptcourier says:

    I guess I’m behind the times as well. But that is hilarious. I laughed awkwardly as I applied almost all of those to my life.

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