A phrase that’s been taking my household by storm: “Greenberging”.

Have you seen Greenberg? It’s this movie about a 40ish dude who was poised to be a slightly successful rocker, but then he threw it all away in a fit of being a dick. And now he’s a carpenter with some mental issues. And he’s a total narcissist. Just… a douche, incapable of really comprehending that there are OTHER PEOPLE in the world, who have FEELINGS. And he comes to LA to stay in his brother’s house, and he gets involved with the nanny/assistant.

I am not making this movie sound very good. But it’s really great, really it is. I don’t think that everyone will love this movie, because it’s kind of slow and weird and doesn’t really have a heroic main character. But without exception, when I’ve had a conversation about this movie with someone, everyone has said “And I really liked it!” in a kind of surprised way. So I don’t know – if you like semi-indie movies about adults, I think this is worth a shot. There’s my pitch. GREENBERG: SEE IT.

ANYWAY. One of the things about Greenberg is that he writes these terrible complaint letters to companies for reasons that are semi-legitimate, but are also just STUPID. Like reasons that aren’t really worth your time to stay angry about long enough to find a pen and paper. And ever since seeing this, whenever I’m all “I can’t believe how horrible the service in this restaurant is!” I pause and wonder if I’m Greenberging. And I usually am. So I just shut up. Out of embarrassment.

It’s a useful technique if you’re trying to complain less. (But probably only works if you’ve seen the movie.)

Also, totally unrelated, watch this excellent video:

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