one grump and a yay

I have so many things to blog about for my literally tens of readers (hi, mom!) and I know you’re on tenterhooks, but my summer has turned into a madhouse of finishing my staff job, moving across town, my husband starting law school*, and me needing to work on a bunch of writing projects at once, something it turns out that I’m not actually that great at.

However! This is a very short post about one thing that made me cranky and one thing that made me go yay!:

Time-Warner Cable provides the internet service to our apartment. We’ve lived here two-and-a-half months now. We’ve had to swap cable modems because the first one they gave us was broken and since then there have been three full-scale area outages (one took place this morning) and at least a dozen temporary or intermittent outages.

In what other industry would this be considered acceptable? Like if your water didn’t work at least once a week for a few hours? I am totally serious when I say that this is a ridiculous problem and if America can’t get it together with respect to its terrible broadband internet situation we are going to get left in the dust by Korea.

See also: our dumb cellular networks.

Yay: John August, Professional Explainer
I am a new WGA member this year, and this is also the year of electing a new President and part of the board. I am a person who generally likes to vote, but I have found the election process completely befuddling, even worse than when you need to vote in your local California election and the ballot is like “NOW VOTE FOR THE COMMISSIONER OF FERRETS”.

The WGA constantly sends you these emails from people who are running, or from supporters of people who are running, or from people who have clearly had some kind of off-screen fight with someone who’s running. And you just generally get the sense that there are all these tensions running through the whole thing that you are not aware of, on account of how you’re a n00b.

(I think, having done some digging, that this is probably correct, and the main tension you’re seeing is between The Verrone People, who think there should be a hard stance toward The Man and more organizing of reality TV writers, and The Keyser People, who are more like “Settle down, Norma Rae.” and want to enforce the contract that already exists instead of trying to organize more and more. But I am totally willing to be corrected – this is just what I’ve pieced together from the many WGA emails.)

So this podcast from John August and Craig Mazin, which in part discusses the elections and how the WGA leadership actually works, is super-useful and illuminating. And you can read John August’s endorsements, as well. (You can also go to events to meet and talk to the candidates, but just the idea fills me with socially awkward dread, to be honest. So I am glad that there are people writing primers on the internet.)

As an aside, I went to see Craig Mazin speak at the WGA a month or two ago. He talked about how to cope with development, and I found it SO USEFUL that I apparently totally overquoted it at work, and came in to find this in my office one morning:


*Oh man, this suits his personality PERFECTLY!!!! A couple of other new law students and their significant others got together recently, and pretty quickly all of the law students huddled up and started gleefully arguing about EVERYTHING. CLIMATE CHANGE! GAY MARRIAGE! POODLES! SOMEONE WOULD TAKE YOU ON.

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5 Responses to one grump and a yay

  1. I wish Craig and John would put their podcast on iTunes. How am I supposed to get it on my iPhone? Manually downloading something is too hard!

  2. Turns out if I’m not lazy I can play the mp3 directly from John’s site on the iPhone. Hurray for solving my own First World Problems.

  3. denwanai says:

    WGA – is that some kinda union dealio? (world greatest assholes?) AND you must have tens of tens of tens readers of your blog. I only need to know when you post a new entry…

  4. bvanallen says:

    I am one of your 10s and 10s of readers! You need to post more… not that should be talking about posting more when I haven’t posted an article on 12pt in months….. but I enjoy reading your rants! They bring joy to my day.


  5. bvanallen says:

    errr ….not that * I * should be talking….

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