There can be only one!

Watching: HIGHLANDER. The opening “what’s up with these immortals” bit is narrated by Sean Connery, who sounds like he’s recording in a bathroom. Then it cuts to Christopher Lambert watching pro wrestling. Then he flashes back to a battle in Ye Olde Scotland. Then he meets some other dude in a parking garage and they casually whip out some swords and do battle. THAT IS THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES YOU GUYS.

THEN he decapitates the other guy and all the cars in the garage start freaking out and leaking various liquids.

PEOPLE DO NOT MAKE MOVIES LIKE THIS ANYMORE. At least not with this many unnecessary backflips.

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1 Response to There can be only one!

  1. jengod says:

    I used to watch the TV show, which was quite trashily awesome. There was once a spinoff, starring a girl Highlander, who used to be a Miss Arkansas in real life and supposedly had back-of-a-limo-relations with Bill Clinton when he was governor. 😀

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