I usually listen to music while I write. Sometimes I build playlists in Spotify (this is good for procrastinating), sometimes I just tell Pandora to play me music from the appropriate kind of soundtrack. Because I am usually trying to write something that’s kind of EPIC AND/OR GRIM, I end up listening to things like the Inception soundtrack a lot. And it just becomes kind of tonally appropriate background noise, usually. But I do find it helpful, when I’m writing things like EXCITING CHASE SEQUENCES, to listen to music that sounds like that kind of scene.

Right now I am trying to outline a pitch for this anime-adaptation project thingy. And I didn’t really know what to listen to. So I started listening to Mayer Hawthorne‘s new album on Spotify. A huge, huge mistake. Because now, as I try to break story that’s cool and icy and Japanese, ALL I CAN THINK OF IS THIS:

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1 Response to Soul.

  1. denwanai says:

    Here ya go:
    Try this music – eight pages of KPOP! Some of the artists look like anime characters.

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