secret libertarian cell taking down NPR from the inside OR hipster economists

Do you listen to Planet Money? It’s a podcast from NPR, which I think most people would agree is a media outlet that makes valiant attempts to skew neither direction in particular but which is largely the preferred jam of white Obama voters in Volvos with “RENEWABLE ENERGY IS HOMELAND SECURITY” stickers. (People exactly like me, in other words.)

I like thinking about economics, although I am quite ignorant. And I like podcasts. So Planet Money fills a certain niche for me pretty well, were it not for two troublesome issues.

1. Zoe Chace’s voice, which is such a melange of vocal fry and uptalking and “I like to ferment foods in Williamsburg let me tell you about my vinyl collection!” that I cannot – can. not. – listen to the episodes she hosts anymore, even though I ALSO LIKE ECONOMICS AND THINKING ABOUT THE EUROZONE CRISIS AND FERMENTING THINGS AND VINYL ARRRRGH.

2. ARE THE PLANET MONEY PEOPLE CRAZED LIBERTARIANS???????? Were they sent to podcast their way into the hearts and minds of a new generation of voters by the Cato Institute? I don’t know how else to explain it. They’ll just be going along, talking about Greece’s debt crisis, very interesting, the whole thing where young hip radio journalists do conversational reportage about humans, it’s working. And then BOOM! Licensing requirements are unAmerican! Also killing the economy! Also a plan by manicurists to establish a beachhead of communism. Probably! VOTE RON PAUL 2012. What? We didn’t say anything. Now listen to Radiolab, you hippie.

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2 Responses to secret libertarian cell taking down NPR from the inside OR hipster economists

  1. Robert Smith of Planet Money (an ’89 Reed grad) was the commencement speaker this year. His video is on the Reed website and is really entertaining.

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