Mennonite pee: better and more ethical than your pee, just as you suspected

Please enjoy this Mother Jones bit on BPA in Mennonite womens’ urine.

Too lazy? I totally understand. Bottom line is that the urine of studied pregnant Old Order Mennonite ladies, who lead a lifestyle not unlike the Amish – a lot of homegrown food, not much plastic – had much lower levels of BPA than the urine of other ladies. This is possibly relevant because nobody actually knows what BPA does and it’s in everything in your house. The FDA says it’s totally fine, don’t worry about it. Harshing the FDA’s laidback style, other people (like SCIENTISTS) think it may be an endocrine disruptor*.

Unusually for anything on the internet, the comments on the article are also worth reading, as a couple of people discuss the difficulty of actually avoiding substances like this in any meaningful way in modern life. You kid yourself that by avoiding canned foods, you’re doing okay, and then you discover that BPA is what that receipt your kid just ate is made of. Also your entire house turns out to be made of a combination of soft plastics and fire retardants.

*In my family, we use the sciency term HEADBALLS.

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