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Alpaca tapestry, the movie

Also, don’t worry about the length of your script; everybody in the industry knows that Bayeux Tapestry sequences run long. -Husband Guy I have been rewriting a project that is one of the most complicated things I have ever worked … Continue reading

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Rarely has a chicken sounded so unpleasant.

Try raising the Aseel for a chicken breed with a prehistoric look. Known for its gaminess, the chicken produces a meaty carcass and lays a few brown eggs per week. Not a great sales pitch, guys.

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Free Clint Eastwood squint with handgun purchase

Why is it that whenever there’s a shooting spree in the US, people who are into gun rights (I have no beef with you people aside from this, just not my bag) assume that everyone who carries a concealed weapon … Continue reading

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Tomato disasters

According to analyses conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of fresh tomato today has 30 percent less vitamin C, 30 percent less thiamin, 19 percent less niacin, and 62 percent less calcium than it did in the … Continue reading

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