Alpaca tapestry, the movie

Also, don’t worry about the length of your script; everybody in the industry knows that Bayeux Tapestry sequences run long.

-Husband Guy

I have been rewriting a project that is one of the most complicated things I have ever worked on, thick with complex worlds to set up and crazy, weird, complicated characters, and backstories and flashbacks and mythologies. Every time I tackle a new draft, this project makes me think “I CAN’T DO THIS!” and then I do, and (I mean, I could be deluded) I think the new draft is better, which I guess is a lesson of some kind. But also, every draft, I somehow find myself adding CRAZY THINGS. Last draft, it was an avalanche. This draft, a Bayeux Tapestry sequence. It came to me today. WHAT THIS SCRIPT NEEDS IS SOMETHING… YES, SHIPS! AND ODDLY LONG HORSES!!!!! And everybody should be wearing pointy shoes!

Please please please, possibly cold and unfeeling universe, please let this be the last draft. Lest the whole movie suddenly turn out to be about alpacas. Like BOOM, it’s the third act, it’s about alpaca pickup artists, SURPRISED?

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

Source: via Matt on Pinterest

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2 Responses to Alpaca tapestry, the movie

  1. Maggie says:

    I would totally watch it. In IMAX! Alpaca Tapestry 3D!

  2. Haha. You are just SO naturally funny. Love reading you!

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